What does Palo Alto mean?

– Palo Alto means “Tall Tree” in Spanish.

Why did you name your Bed & Breakfast Palo Alto?

– We used a planted specie called Acacia Mangium to construct Palo Alto. This specie can be found in Plantations all over Palawan specifically grown and harvested for construction. The tree grows really tall and straight which you can actually see in our Bed & Breakfast’s design. The poles you see sticking out all around are the actual, uncut trunks.

Do you have hot/cold private showers?

– Of course we do! All rooms have their own private bathroom. The hot water in the showers are solar powered so it takes a few minutes to heat up. Just let it run for a few minutes then you’re good to go.

Do you have a restaurant in Palo Alto?

– The Salakot Café is where you take your breakfast, snacks and meals. We have two menus, one is available all day from 10:00AM and 10:00PM and the other menu is for advance orders and is subject to availability. If you want to order from that menu please let us know the day before or 6 hours before at the latest.

– Please note that we don’t have room service since we are not a hotel. All meals are to be taken at the Salakot Café or the View decks (subject to availability).

Can you make our rooms?

– You will need to inform us if you want your rooms cleaned. Please hang the “Make Up Room” Sign outside your door. Rooms will only be made in the mornings.

– If you only want the trash bins emptied or your floors swept, please leave a request with the front desk.

How far are you from the City Center? I read reviews saying your place is really far.

– Palo Alto is 11 minutes away from the Airport and the City Center which isn’t far at all! We really chose to put up our place away from the main roads of Puerto Princesa because we want all our guests to feel connected with nature. We want you to wake up to the sounds of nature and not to the sounds of motorcycles.

Palo Alto is in the middle of nowhere.

– No we’re not. We’re only 6 minutes away from Robinsons’ Department store which is the biggest and newest shopping mall in Puerto Princesa. We’re also less than 10 minutes away from the Adventist Hospital, the biggest hospital in Puerto Princesa.

How do I get to the City Center?

– We offer a free shuttle service to the Main Highway subject to van availability during daytime. And to any restaurant within Puerto Princesa during the Night with a specific Pickup point and a pickup time. Daily van schedule can be found at the lobby.

What if we miss the Van?

– Do what the locals do! Ride a tricycle! (http://msbolin.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/puerto_princesa_tricycle1-e1300790280115.jpg) A typical tricycle in Palawan holds 5 persons. Don’t believe tricycle drivers who insist that only 4 can ride in a tricycle. That’s their way of forcing unsuspecting tourists to getting 2 or more tricycles for their group. But hey if you’re after comfort, by all means get more tricycles.

– From Palo Alto just tell the front desk to call a tricycle for you and we’ll inform you once they arrive. From any other place in Puerto Princesa to Palo Alto tricycles can usually be found anywhere along the roads. Usually most tricycle drivers know where Palo Alto is located but in the rare occasion that they don’t just give them the following directions:

  • Libis Road, Barangay San Pedro.
  • Go to the Pepsi Warehouse and take the first left after Pepsi.
  • Just go straight until the end and turn right, then take the first left.
  • Easy.


Can you arrange our tours or would it be better if we book them ourselves once we get there?

– I highly recommend that you book tours at least one month before you arrive. We have a travel agency called Palo Alto Palawan Travel & Tours, Inc. which means we can arrange everything from your Airline Tickets, Accommodations, Tours and Permits to anywhere in the Palawan and even in the Philippines.

How long does the Underground River Tour take?

– The Underground River tour is usually a whole day tour. Pick-up time is usually from 6AM to 8AM at the latest. This will depend on the time of your Underground River Permits. ETA back to Puerto Princesa is from 4PM to 6PM.

– From Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast you take a van to Sabang which takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once you arrive, our tour guide will assist you in checking-in and getting a boat. Depending on the permits and boat availability you might have some free time to spend at Sabang Beach and you can have snacks and lunch there. Just listen to the tour guide regarding what time you need to be ready to leave the wharf.

– From the wharf it takes about 15-20 minutes in a bangka (outrigger boathttp://imagecache6.allposters.com/LRG//20/2097/X1P2D00Z.jpg) to the entrance of the Underground River. Once you arrive you just wait for your turn to enter the cave.

– The tour itself takes about 40-45 minutes depending on the current. The boatman will be your tour guide inside the cave.

Can you tell me more about the City Tour?

– The city tour is a half-day tour with pickup at 1:00PM and ETA back in Palo Alto is at 5:00PM.

– You visit the Crocodile Farm, Bakers’ Hill, Mitra’s Ranch, Puerto Princesa Baywalk, Plaza Cuartel, the Cathedral and Binuatan Weaving Center.

Why do we need to get Underground River permits?

– The Underground River is a protected environment so the government regulates the number of tourists allowed to enter the site.

– It is estimated that there are 1,000 tourists a day who want to enter the Underground River but only 800 are given permits.

How do we secure permits?

– There are two ways: (1) Tell us the full names, ages and nationalities of those going on tour AT LEAST 1 month before the arrival date. (2) When the pre-booking slots are already fully booked the Underground River office usually issues permits for walk-in guests. On the day of your arrival, we will go with you to the booking office because all guests will need to make a personal appearance before they release the permits.

Is the Dolphin Watching tour available all-year round?

– Unfortunately not. We can’t really give specific months when the dolphins are there but USUALLY dolphin season is from April to May but due to global warming and unpredictable weather it would be best to just check when you arrive in Palawan.

– Our front desk staff will be more than happy to contact the wharf regarding status of the Dolphin Watching tour.