Welcome to Palo Alto B&B

From city-forests to pristine beaches, let us at Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast help you discover the paradise that is Palawan

In Puerto Princesa, Palo Alto guests are treated to a relaxing and tranquil environment. Featuring a mostly wooden structure, Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast is designed to make our guests feel as close to nature as possible.

Updates April 6, 2014

Most of you have probably read about the unpaved roads leading to Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast. We are please to let everyone know that as of April 1, 2014 this isn’t an issue anymore. No worries though, it won’t affect the peace and quiet of Palo Alto!

Environmental promise

We at Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast believe that every establishment has a responsibility to the environment. With this in mind, all the wood used in constructing our facility were harvested from plantations which replace all the trees used. We also make use of solar energy for heating water. We understand that our natural resources are limited and with the help our guests, we know we can preserve our wonderful environment.

Member: Zero Carbon Resorts